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Challenge Your Entrepreneurial Skills

Welcome to the Regional Young Entrepreneur's Case Challenge (RYECC) - your gateway to unlocking the potential of your business aspirations. Click here to discover how you can showcase your skills. 



Igniting Business Innovation


The grand opener of the RYECC invites teams to tackle real-life business challenges with innovative ideas, emphasizing creativity, strategic planning, and effective communication. Participants showcase their ability to redefine boundaries and think creatively.


Selected teams in the competition are flown to Bangkok, immersing them in a vibrant business hub to push boundaries and perform under pressure. It's a test of resilience and adaptability in the global business landscape.


In the culmination of RYECC, participants are celebrated beyond just awarding winners, with networking opportunities and insights from industry leaders. It's a platform to recognize the talent and potential of young entrepreneurs, marking the journey's significance.



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In essence, the RYECC is more than just a competition; it's a movement towards empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs. It's an invitation for young minds to dream big, challenge conventional wisdom, and become the change-makers of tomorrow. For potential sponsors, partnering with RYECC is not just an investment in competition; it's an investment in the future of business and innovation.

Submit a video that is less than 1.5 minutes long explaining why you should join the RYECC during the Wildcard phase. 


Additionally, for teams less than 3, we'll pick and pair you up with other groups.

For enquiries, please email us at

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Total Prize Over $30,000


Careers and Internship Opportunities


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Personal & Business Coaching

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Fueling Entrepreneurial Excellence

The Regional Young Entrepreneur's Case Challenge (RYECC) is an electrifying platform designed to bring out the best in university undergraduates with a flair for entrepreneurship and innovation. This competition is meticulously structured in three progressive phases, aimed at nurturing, challenging, and recognizing the entrepreneurial spirit of the participants. 

The significance of RYECC goes beyond the competition itself. It is a critical platform for bridging the gap between academic learning and real-world application, fostering a practical entrepreneurial mindset among participants. This is crucial for equipping young entrepreneurs with the skills, confidence, and resilience to navigate the ever-evolving global business environment.


Now until May 30th:

Open Registration Period: Applications are now being accepted for the RYECC challenge.


From June 3rd:

Case Challenge for Round 1 will be announced. 

Networking and Coaching: Participants will have the opportunity to network with peers twice weekly and receive coaching sessions to enhance their skills.


June 6th:

Round 1 Submission Deadline: All teams must submit their solutions for Round 1 by this date.


June 8th:

Top Teams Announcement: The top teams will be revealed, marking the beginning of Phase 2.


June 13th:

Launch of Phase 2, commencing with coaching session 1. 


July 8th:

Departure for Bangkok: All selected teams will fly to Bangkok, Thailand, to present their pitches.


July 9th:

Final Presentations: The final teams will be selected to deliver their presentations based on the case, followed by the announcement of the winner at the end of the day.


For RYECC's partners, the competition represents an opportunity to invest in the future of entrepreneurship and innovation. Their involvement goes beyond financial support; they play a key role in shaping the entrepreneurial journey of the participants, offering mentorship, resources, and industry insights. This partnership underscores their commitment to nurturing talent and fostering an environment where innovation and leadership thrive.

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  • What is the case challenge about?
    The case challenge centers on addressing real-life issues encountered by patrons. Detailed specifics of the challenge will be disclosed exclusively to accepted participants of Round 1.
  • How can I join?
    To participate, you may sign up at and submit a 2-minute portrait video introducing yourself. The video should articulate why you are interested in joining this challenge, filmed in either a reel or TikTok style.
  • Who can join?
    Individuals with an interest in entrepreneurship and a desire to glean real-life experiences are welcome to participate.
  • When does it start/end?
    The challenge commences on April 15th, with applications closing on May 13th.
  • Where is this held at?
    The challenge takes place in both Singapore and Bangkok, Thailand. However, only the final 30 teams will convene in Bangkok.
  • How can I see the results?
    Results will be available on the website at
  • How are contestants being judged?
    Contestants will be evaluated based on their pitching presentations.
  • Is there a limit to the number of people who can join?
    A maximum of three members, are permitted to participate. Solo participants are also welcome, and arrangements will be made to pair them with other groups if necessary.
  • I am solo and would like to team up. Is there a place for me to look for members?
    For individuals seeking to join teams with fewer than three members, we will assist in pairing them with other groups.
  • Is this a guided competition?
    Yes, the competition is guided from its inception. Coaches will be available from day one to provide guidance leading up to the final pitch in Bangkok.
  • How can we win?
    Winning teams will be determined based on their final pitch performance, delivered in front of a diverse audience of worldwide guests. The judging panel will announce the selected teams during the gala dinner.
  • What are the costs involved?
    All expenses will be covered except for flight tickets, which will be partially reimbursed.
  • What makes it worth joining?
    Participation offers esteemed teams the exclusive opportunity to engage in an unforgettable overseas experience hosted at our patrons' venue. Notably, participants stand to compete for the prestigious grand prize of $5000. Furthermore, this platform affords individuals the invaluable prospect of networking with esteemed counterparts from Bangkok, Thailand, and distinguished overseas clients.
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